L2 Country means friendship, memories, good moments and epic PVPs – the ones that were and the ones that are about to come. Its a place where true Heroes are born and where you can taste real adventure. Let us take you to an amazing land where you can be whoever you always wanted to be. We invite you to join us, as every day is a new adventure.

Latest News

Maintance 08.28


We had maintance and here is the list of changes Fixed boost morale for summons having weapon Fixed some load performance issues Rework cancel to more retail like Fixed some issues with siege... READ MORE

Maintance 07.20


Maintance time!! Class Chance info in donate shop issue Formal Wear feature with weapons/shields/sigils MatrasCuriosity Quest Now castle buffer will not consume mp updated spawn lists BringOutTheFlavorOfIngredients Quest Event Engine EnchanceYourWeapon Quest some... READ MORE

Maintance 07.07


Changelog 07.07 Mobs wont fall under texture Movement issues Salvation bow will be awaylable on Formal Wear Problems with vitality Freya’s Quest Range attack to monster and raid bosses Buff slot with herbs... READ MORE