L2 Country means friendship, memories, good moments and epic PVPs Рthe ones that were and the ones that are about to come. Its a place where true Heroes are born and where you can taste real adventure. Let us take you to an amazing land where you can be whoever you always wanted to be. We invite you to join us, as every day is a new adventure.

Latest News

01.15 Maintance

  01.15 Maintance 1. New game guard against 3rd (Please update your system http://www.l2-country.eu/connect/ ) 2. Retail like summon friend skill function 3. Fixed some visual bugs 4. Nobless now can remove with... READ MORE

12.21 Maintance

    This early morning we had maintance 1. Magic failure for mage penalty 2. Fixed an exploit with high attack speed on summons 3. Headquarter skill must be allowed in fortress while... READ MORE

Merry Christmas !!!

  Dear Community of L2 Country We wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of amazing gifts, great food and relaxed atmosphere. We also wish you lots of unforgettable moments on L2 Country From... READ MORE

Heroes of December

    Our NEW Heroes of December¬†!! We are still waiting for you! Join US today! http://www.l2-country.eu/connect/ Newcomers wont lose Vit till 61lvl and gets starting pack, friendly clans always are looking for... READ MORE

11.08 Maintance

11.08 Maintance Characters wont lose xp in Siege Spawning mobs in river issue Fortress Gates Mail Problem with loseing items Execution ground invisible mobs Fixed some issues when cancel improved buffs Improve valakas... READ MORE