L2 Country means friendship, memories, good moments and epic PVPs Рthe ones that were and the ones that are about to come. Its a place where true Heroes are born and where you can taste real adventure. Let us take you to an amazing land where you can be whoever you always wanted to be. We invite you to join us, as every day is a new adventure.

Latest News

06.22 Maintenance

06.22 Maintenance 1. Fixed daily task some times not working 2. Fixed day night boss not add-remove properly 3. Missing messages for newbie coupon 4. Fixed recommends not show to others 5. Fixed... READ MORE

05.14 Maintenance

  05.14 Maintenance 1) More retail like nevit system 2) More Dragon valley raids ai 3) Fixed Crystalization packet 4) Fixed wrong bonus of prophecy of wind 5) Fixed herbs replace some buffs... READ MORE

04.09 Maintenance

  04.09 Maintenance 1) Fixed – rework seven signs points contribution 2) Four sepulchers missing message 3) FIxed some wrong spawns for four sepulchers quest 4) Fixed packet for crests 5) Fixed PC... READ MORE