L2 Country means friendship, memories, good moments and epic PVPs Рthe ones that were and the ones that are about to come. Its a place where true Heroes are born and where you can taste real adventure. Let us take you to an amazing land where you can be whoever you always wanted to be. We invite you to join us, as every day is a new adventure.

Latest News

11.08 Maintance

11.08 Maintance Characters wont lose xp in Siege Spawning mobs in river issue Fortress Gates Mail Problem with loseing items Execution ground invisible mobs Fixed some issues when cancel improved buffs Improve valakas... READ MORE

Maintance 10.18

10.18 fixed grade penality issue fixed clan hall reselling/rebuying issue ressurescion in siege zone party recalling in siege zone zaken’s instance reward (vorpal ring/earring/necklace) castle/fortress doors/walls can not be attacked by servitor issue... READ MORE

Maintance 10.09

Short maintance!! 10.09 Fixed antharas minions shouldn’t be lethalable Fixed some issues with SeerFlouros scripts Fixed valakas minions cannot be targeted Fixed confusion effect Fixed beleth presentation elf show wrong html and reward... READ MORE

10.04 Maintance

    L2-Country Facebook L2-Country Forum 10.04 log Dublicated buffs (combat buffs vs normal) Pet in instances gets double summon issue LOA raid boss respawn time Valakas AI Elixir timing Plains of Lizardmen’s... READ MORE