Follow these steps to configure and launch the game


        1. Download and install H5 client: >>> H5 Client <<<  or torrent: >>> H5 TORRENT <<<
        2. Download L2-Country Patch  >>HERE<<
        3. Install our game client patch to the location where your game client files are.
        4. Run l2.exe from our system-e folder.


“Colored chat” file  >>HERE<<




        1. Create new game account – Account Manager
        2. Activate your new game account by clicking confirmation link which was sent to your email.
        3. Load game client and enjoy the game!


Possible issues

        1. Before you download and install game files, be sure to disable active scanning of your antivirus program due to the fact that some antivirus see the codes in the files as trojans. This is not the case!
        2. After the download, install the patch into your Lineage II root folder. After that try to place the entire Lineage II game client or “system” folder in your antivirus exceptions list. After that you can turn on your active scanning and enjoy this wonderful server.
        3. In the case your antivirus doesn’t have an exception list or whatever it’s called , disable active scanning before you run L2.exe or Country Launcher.
        4. If you get a pop-up saying the location of the file is missing, then go to your antivirus and look in quarantaine and recover the files or start again from first step. This only counts when your antivirus doesn’t have an exceptions list.