Chronicle: High Five

Platform: L2CL

vGF – Game Developer
Expelliarmus – server GM, community management, forum, facebook

Server is international with English as its main language (Hero voice).

Server Machine:

  • CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
  • RAM: 32 GB ECC RAM
  • HDD: 2 x 120 GB Intel SSD RAID 1
  • Operating System: FreeBSD
  • Server Core: L2CL (Exceptional quality, frequent updates, closed-source development)



  • XP: x4
  • SP: x4
  • Adena/ Drop/ Spoil: x4
  • Raid Items Drop: x2
  • Raid Jewels Drop: x1
  • Manor Crops: x4
  • Fish Extracting: x4


  • Offline shop
  • Retail enchant success rate, safe +3 / +4 on one-part armor
  • Full Anti-Bot System
  • Unique TvT events
  • Mini TvT event
  • Wedding Manager
  • (Incoming!!!) Achievement Manager


Server Features:

  • Frequent updates and daily support.
  • Spawns: dynamic spawn engine with territories, random spawns, spawning AI.
  • Rewritten skill engine: now fully supports retail skill scripts (this includes: skill effects, cubic logic, transformations, damage/success formulas, affect scopes, operate conditions and etc.)
  • NPC uses retail htmls and all shops/multisells are Freya based.
  • We use retail parameters as a base for all NPCs, items, skills and etc.
  • Retail like Sieges (Castles, Fortresses, Clan Halls).
  • Territory wars, including Quests and rewards.
  • Nevit’s blessing system.
  • All retail quests based on new AI engine. Less bugs and no more hassles to complete a quest.
  • All High Five zones:
  • Retail like and custom events and tournaments.
  • Retail Olympiad.
  • and way more… : )