MAIN RULE: Administration has a right to apply any punishment which seems appropriate according to the circumstances of the offence (chat ban, jail or even ban). Besides, any character or account might be banned even not according to the rules mentioned below if their actions are considered as a threat to the server or its community.

  1. All database information is the property of the server Administration. Any attempt to sell character, account, item or any other material for real items or currency will be treated as severe violation of ownership rights.
  2. Pleading Staff Member to sell anything in game will be treated as inappropriate and disrespectful behavior.
  3. It is forbidden to impersonate Administrators and use such nicknames (in any form of spelling) as: GM, Admin, Developer, Announcement and the names of the current and previous Staff Members.
  4. Incrimination to Administration or any player has to be proven by screenshots or other media; otherwise those accusations will be treated as slander.
  5. Any kind of offensive comments towards a player or a Staff member will not be tolerated. Please avoid using bad words, racism remarks or any other kind of abuse as violation of this rule might get you banned from the community without any prior notice. Inappropriate words cannot be used in character names or titles of alliances, clans and etc.
  6. Any 3rd party software usage is forbidden.  This includes using any programs what facilitate game while providing an advantage over other players (Bots, AutoClickers and etc) or change the client and are not approved by the Administration.
  7. Exploiting or even sharing information about any bug is strictly forbidden. If you have encountered any problem in game you have to notify Administration by email ([email protected]) or leave your comment in the bugtracker. Violation of this rule will be considered as an intentional harm to the server.
  8. Stealing from other players is forbidden by any form (scam, forcefully breaking into the account and etc).
  9. Shout and Hero Chats are English only.


  1. Owner of the account is considered to be the person who has registered it and there is no way to change that. If the owner has lost his password or email he/she will be asked to provide information about the account or a copy of registration letter (we highly recommend you to save it) and will be given the account back at any circumstances.
  2. It is forbidden to use any account without permission of its owner. Anyone using the account he/she do not own will get ban on their own accounts without any prior notice.
  3. Selling/exchanging accounts is forbidden (currency makes no difference). Any attempt to sell account will be followed by ban to both, buyer and seller.